Leadership Study Abroad

 International Perspectives on Ethics & Leadership

   Center for Ethical Leadership & College of Education

     Study Abroad Opportunity      

      Travel Dates: May 17-27, 2017

Cost: approx. $3454

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Trip Details

This 11-day study abroad includes a trip through The British Isles: Ireland, Wales and England. Along the way you will experience the rich culture and history of each country. Participants will visit Killarney, Dublin, North Wales and London, just to name a few. You do not want to miss this amazing trip along the cliffs of Ireland and through the hills of Wales and across the pond to the Queens land of England. This is a trip of a lifetime in which you will learn and broaden your world view as well as create memories with friends. 

Course Objective
The course objectives are to teach students about international and culturally diverse perspectives on leadership and ethics. Examples of leadership in the areas of sustainability, government, history, art, literature, education, international relations, diversity and service will be explored in an international context. For more information and to enroll on this trip, please click here.