PLC Syllabus

Introduction to Leadership
Wednesdays 3:30-5:10
North Classroom Bldg. 102
Fall Semester 2017
Instructor: Stephen Haseley, Center for Ethical Leadership, 232 Student Union 
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Appointments can 
be made through his administrative assistant, Ruth Loffi, 405-744-9885. 
Phone: (405) 744-5485 or (405) 744-5490 or (405) 744-2144
Graduate Assistant: Stephanie Maguire |
Undergraduate Assistant: Darcy Worth |

To develop maintain, adjust, and evaluate a continuous personal concept and definition of leadership.

  • To gain an understanding of various leadership styles.
  • To demonstrate a working knowledge of leadership and ethical theories.
  • To develop skills in:
  • effective communication
  • ethical decision making and appropriate leadership behaviors
  • setting goals assessing and reaffirming values
  • planning and implementing change
  • utilizing power ethically
  • problem solving
  • group processes and dynamics
  • analysis and evaluation of skills development
  • motivation and influence
  • self assessment
  • celebrating and utilizing diversity
  • team building and maintenance
  • To initiate a global and multicultural awareness in the context of leadership development.
  • To acquire an understanding of the components of organizational structure, e.g. authority, power, communication networks.
  • To provide opportunities to observe, analyze, and participate in leadership experiences.
  • To establish mentor relationships with student leaders.
  • To acquire appropriate information on the participants of this course in order to understand the impact that leadership and effectiveness training will have on their personal development.

Selected articles distributed in class or identified online.


Meaningful attendance means being attentive, listening rather than carrying on personal conversations in class, joining in and/or instigating discussions with instructors and class members. The policy on class attendance is that all members are required to attend all sessions. More than two unexcused absences for the year will result in one letter grade deducted. Unexcused absences are absences that are unverified by documentation such as a doctor’s or another official’s note. Please contact your facilitator, since it is this person’s responsibility to monitor your attendance, if you will not be able to attend class. It is your responsibility to make-up any work that is missed.

Each PLC student is required to participate in the Conclave to be held during the spring semester and write up a 1-2 page typewritten reflection paper about their participation in the Conclave. This participation is classified as an assignment. Failure to participate could result in an incomplete for the course.

If any member of this class feels that he/she has a disability and needs special accommodations of any nature whatsoever, the instructors of this course will work with you and the Office of Disabled Student Services, 326 Student Union, to provide reasonable accommodations to ensure that you have a fair opportunity to perform in this class. Please (1) advise the instructors of such disability and the desired accommodations at some point before, during, or immediately after the first three scheduled class periods and (2) contact the Office of Disabled Student Services so that they can provide the required written verification from that office to the instructors.

We expect you to behave with the highest of integrity. "Academic Dishonesty is any behavior in which an intentionally fraudulent attempt is made to gain undeserved intellectual credit or advantage for oneself or for another. If you are found guilty of cheating in P.L.C. you may be assigned a reduced grade for the assignment, exam, or course; assigned a grade of "F" for the course, and /or recommended to the Office of Student Conduct that additional disciplinary action be taken, (e.g., conduct probation, termination of scholarship benefits, suspension, or expulsion from the University). These expectations apply to all assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, and papers.

The 1 1/2 –hour class period will consist of lectures, guest speakers, and/or multimedia presentations. Small groups led by facilitators will meet every week at a designated place TBA. The small group meetings will be structured discussions and activities.

Two individual service learning projects of 20 hours each semester will be required for the academic year. Individual appointments must be set up with the Volunteer Center, 211 Student Union, 744-5145, in order to arrange for your individual project. The individual service learning projects will comprise 15% of the total grade.

Tests, assignments, quizzes, and instruments will comprise 70% of the total grade.

Reflection papers are assignments and required the following week after each guest speaker’s presentation. The paper will briefly describe the major points made by the speaker as well as your individual critique, response, and reflections of this experience. A one to two page typewritten paper will fulfill these assignments.

Research Paper or Creative Component (15% of total grade) assignment can be handed in at any time during the academic year. The instructor prior to Fall Break must approve this assignment. The paper or creative component report must be typewritten no more than 10 pages and compliant with the APA publication guidelines

(70%) Tests, assignments, quizzes, and instruments
(15%) Two Individual Service projects
(15%) Paper or Creative Component with report

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